Thursday, November 10, 2011

Do You Want to Hear a Secret?

I just found this awesome site, which I would totally invest in if I had the finances to do so. I think this will be the next if these developers have the gall to continue what they're doing.

It's a website called: 

...and it's pretty revolutionary.

If you've gone to college, you probably remember the nights staying up late waiting for your priority registration date to come along, so that you could snatch the classes you needed before other people did. Well, this is exactly what Schedule Snatcher does, except it does it automatically.

This is nothing compared to the best feature. Schedule Snatcher will (and I've already had it for for me) let you tell it which class you want and wait till a spot opens up in the class (day or night), snatch it, and add it to your schedule!

Like I said, I already tried out the site and it snatched my Comms 332 class with Professor Robinson, one of the legends in the Advertising department, which class was previously full. So cool.

The way the site makes money (at this point...later, it might try advertising on its site, etc.) is an option called the "Premier Account." For a fee, you can get your name at the top of the list for a year.

At the current moment, Brigham Young University is the only school which schedule snatcher is activated, but hopefully, with our support, the site will soon expand to other schools.

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  1. It's exciting to get great feedback for the website, I am the developer for Schedule Snatcher. I am glad you had such a great experience!